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Hi friends! I´m Jenni.

Are you in search of bookkeeping services in Charleston, SC and beyond? Then you, my friend, are right where you need to be.

Are you a business owner who dreams of scaling your business, taking yourself out of the day-to-day and growing your team?

Do you feel overwhelmed, out of touch with your finances, or like you just don’t have the time or finacial expertise to grow like you want to or capitalize on write-offs?

Maybe you are trying to do it on your own but feeling confused or unsure if you are even doing it correctly? Maybe you’ve tried outsourcing but still don’t feel like you understand what’s monetarily going on in your business. Finally your frustration has led you to frantically Google “Bookkeeper Near Me” and now you’re here.

Would you like to scale your business with a team who cares about your success just as much as you do? Do you want the freedom that comes along with knowing your business is profitable and stable and you no longer need to worry?

If so, I can help!


Hayleigh B.

“Before hiring Jenni I was losing my mind trying to figure out how to organize, track, and understand my bookkeeping. I didn’t even really understand all the things I should be tracking, to be truthful. My business was growing exponentially and I knew it was time to hire a professional, and hiring Jenni was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my business. I’m no longer stressing about numbers, and she’s improved my bookkeeping so much! In fact, after fixing my books she saved me thousands on my taxes last year! I would highly recommend making this small investment on such a big weight off your shoulders! If you want to get a handle on your books without the stress, then Jenni’s your girl!”

Tiffany H.

“Jenni Allen is amazing at what she does! She has a passion for helping entrepreneurs understand their accounting and their books. She took my sad excuse for accounting and helped me clean up and organize and understand my books….If you’re looking for a bookkeeper in Charleston or really anywhere, talk to Jenni and see if she can help!”

Shelli B.

“When I subcontracted Jenni to help me I was over my head with work that needed done. She started the work as soon as I gave her the information that I needed help with and was very quick and thorough. I’m a very particular person about the quality of work that I produce for my clients so for her to meet those expectations and exceed them was such a relief. My only regret is that I didn’t subcontract her sooner!”

How I can help you…

I will help you finally take control of your finances so you will have the peace of mind to confidently run your business and reach your goals, knowing that someone has got your back (and books!).

As a virtual bookkeeper, I can assist you from wherever you are located allowing you to focus on your clients and scaling your business. I will help you clean up your bookkeeping (don’t worry about the mess!) and help you stay on top of your finances monthly.

What does that entail? Great question! I will do your monthly bookkeeping work, create vital financial reports, and meet with you for a strategy session to review your finances together so we can strategize how to improve your profitability and grow your business. I can also help with additional services such as A/P or A/R, if needed!

It’s my mission to help entrepreneurs achieve success–whatever you define that as–so you can have the freedom to live the life you dream about!

Monthly Bookkeeping Services in Charleston, SC

Each month I enter your income, expenses, and any other transactions you may have, journal entries (such as depreciation, current portion of long term debt, and payroll), reconcile your accounts, create your financial reports. You’ll also have a 1:1 monthly financial strategy session with me.

Clean-Up Services

Is your bookkeeping incorrect or not current? Not a problem! I can help you get your bookkeeping accurate and up-to-date.

Training for the DIY-er

Don’t quite have the budget to outsource but feeling lost and confused on what to do? With training and help from me, we can make sure your bookkeeping is getting done and getting done right. (Limited # of spots)


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